Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sixteen Years

It was a day almost exactly like today. The day dawned cool and dry, breezy and sunny, without a cloud in the sky - perfect weather for a wedding. To think we almost eloped.

It wasn’t that we hadn’t wanted a ceremony and a celebration. We just hadn’t known how best to do it. When we called our family to tell them of our intentions, they were all very supportive and all very disappointed. We called everyone back the same day. We would have a wedding, pot luck, at our home, at high noon, on September the first. That was sixteen years ago today.

We wrote the ceremony and the vows. I hand wrote the small number of invitations. We cleaned the house, ordered a cake, bought a camera, made reservations for a honeymoon. My Mom, my sister Gail and her family, picked up the flowers on the way to our house, arriving in time to set up the buffet and make the whole thing come together. Dear Uncle Gilbert arrived and promptly got himself locked in our only bathroom. Chuck had to disassemble the doorknob and lock and a paper plate, with a smiley face drawn on it, was taped over the opening. When we were all assembled just before the ceremony, we sang “Going To The Chapel” a la Bette Midler. We didn’t have a chuppah, the roof of our little home served as our wedding canopy. Carrie and Kate cued the music; Vivaldi (the Andante from the Concerto a 2 Choeurs ”con violino discordato” in B flat Major) and before we knew it, Chuck was breaking the glass under his foot with such determination that the house actually shook. We were married - officially, legally, happily-ever-after, married.

It felt like a not so little miracle. Everyone applauded. Kate and Carrie cued our recessional; Frank Sinatra singing “Let’s Get Away From It All”. Champagne was poured, toasts were made. We ate gorgeous Nova Lox on bagels with cream cheese. There was shrimp cocktail and corned beef and a marble cake with chocolate frosting and toasted coconut on the side. Music played all afternoon. One song after another, playing from a tape Chuck had made of all our favorite songs, with all the lyrics that spoke to our hearts.

It wasn’t that we hadn’t wanted a ceremony and a celebration. We just hadn’t known how best to do it. Clearly, we figured it out...


burekaboy said...

mazal tov :)) many more happy years of wedded bliss wished your way -- i could just imagine the day from your description.

champagne, bagel, cream cheese and lox ... what better wedding food could there be? ;p

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

16 years and the best is yet to be.



Pink Granite said...

Hey BB -
Thanks for the good wishes!
It was a lovely day and the food really was a delightful part of it all. It was a planned pot luck with all our favorites!
- Lee

Hey Gail -
Thanks for the good wishes and the positive prophecy!

And special thanks for the molded cream cheese with our initials cut out of pickle!!! I need to scan that photo!
- Lee

dancingmorganmouse said...

You worked it out indeed, it reads as the perfect wedding - may you have many more happy years to come.

Pink Granite said...

Thanks DMM!
It wasn't the kind of wedding that gets splashed across the celebrity/fashion/bridal mags, but it certainly was the perfect fit for us!
We are very happy and are looking forward to many more years together!
- Lee

Jess (Scrapbook Ideas) said...

Congrats!!!! Sounds so lovely :)! Many people make weddings "about" all the wrong things, it sounds like yours was about all the right ones :).

Roo said...

Oi - i missed an anniverary! Congratulations. Big hugs all round. Just a little fizz for me, and maybe a bagel .. ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Jess -
Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes!
Looking forward to trying out your template!
- Lee

Hi Roo -
You didn't miss a thing. We're celebrating all weekend including singing "Happy Anniversary" to each other!
Fizz - check. Bagel - check. But you have to try the lox, it positively melts in your mouth!
- Lee

Roo said...

Hmm there is something simple and sublime about a bagel, cream cheese and lox