Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good, Bad or Lovely

I’m honestly not sure if this vibrant splash of color is one of the vines like Virginia Creeper or if it’s Poison Ivy. I realize that’s a problem, especially if I get too close! I always look for “leaves of three” and then I let it be as instructed in rhyme since childhood. Either way, in picture form, it is simply lovely to behold.


dancingmorganmouse said...

That's a beautiful picture, the essence of autumn.

Tonya said...

i have such a problem with poison ivy that my rule is anything green is poison ivy. i try to hike not letting a single green thing touch me. people always laugh when we hike and someone is trying to figure out what is poison, when I say, "it's all poison."

Roo said...

tonya - Sorry I had to laugh at the though of you hiking and not letting anything green touch you.. how do you manage it?

I had this mental vision of you running screaming from a salad too... it's been a long day ;o)

Roo said...

Doh! it has been a long day as I menat to say "and lovely photos too Lee".

I'd forget my head if it where loose

Pink Granite said...

Thanks DMM, so glad you liked it!
- Lee

Hi Tonya -
You cracked me up too! Although considering the number of times I have waded in too confidently, yours may well be the safest approach!!!
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Thanks! No worries. Tonya's comment clearly deserved first response!
But your salad image did have me wondering about the role of the tongs in such a scenario!
- Lee