Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ocean IV

Having crossed into September, we are just beginning to slide into cooler nights and appreciably shorter days. Because we often travel north to Maine in the autumn, my thoughts naturally turn to the ocean, Bar Harbor and Acadia. In keeping with the “Ocean” series, begun a few weeks ago, I chose to post this image. The photo was taken out at the tip of Schoodic Point, part of Acadia National Park in Maine.
I tweaked it in PhotoShop in order to get a more impressionistic, painterly effect. When I click on the image to view it in the larger format, I'm happy with the effect on the rocks and the surf, but less so with the sky. When viewed at this fairly small size, I fear it looks as if I couldn't hold the camera steady when I shot the picture originally!


Nana Fi said...

Hi Lee this looks like an oil painting actually. I hope to visit there one day in the autumn. It is all so beautiful. Nana Fi

Pink Granite said...

Hi Nana Fi -
Thanks for the kind assessment!
I know coastal South Africa is gorgeous, but I've never had the pleasure of seeing it in person.
For me, any part of New England along the ocean is beautiful. From sand dunes out on Cape Cod, to rockbound Maine, to long sweeping sandy beaches of southern Rhode Island, to all the little coves and bays - I love it all. I hope when you see it, it thrills you just as much!
- Lee