Monday, September 3, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Well, not soup, alphabet scrap actually. But I liked the ring of alphabet soup!

Cathy Zielske of Bits & Pieces (a very enjoyable slice of life kind of blog) once ran a scrapbook workshop inspired by the book “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. The idea is to focus on the everyday, the mundane, all the small routine moments that make up a life. It’s not all birthdays, holidays, weddings and trips to Disney World 365 days a year. But to look at our scrapbooks and photo albums one might think life was one long party! So starting with “A” and wrapping up with “Z” think about what little snippets of your life begin with a given letter. You could easily journal this encyclopedia of you instead of scrapping it. Or create the “Encyclopedia of Someone You Love”.

For me, “A” could be Acadia or the first time I made an Asparagus Spring Pie or when a former literacy student of mine learned to spell “A**hole” correctly (no W) as she yelled at her boyfriend and spelled her opinion out for him!

Yup. I think I’m going to enjoy this project!


Roo said...

I may just take this one up and see what we get too ;o) Of course being terribly English I would have to start with A*se - and no finishing with Zuchini - it's a courgette ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo -
I've been jotting ideas down ever since I read about it!
I understand an Englishman starting with "a*se", but I wonder how the French "courgette" came to trump zucchini in common usage?
Perhaps Zenith, Zsa Zsa, or Zzz's (as in catch some sleep) will help us finish our final pages!
- Lee

Tonya said...

ooo, i like the way that sounds. it should be fun.