Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Red Sox Red Flag!

O.K. That’s it. Call WBZ’s Bob Lobel. I am officially ready to push the freakin’ panic button!!!

I’ve tried to stay calm, but the wheels have come off the Boston Red Sox! Look! There goes one now, bouncing and rolling out into left field. Duck! There goes another one, right into our own dugout!

Arrrgghh!!! After having maintained a sweet and steady, multi-game lead all season, our once roomy lead has shrunk to a very scary 1.5 over the Evil Empire!

I love the Red Sox. I know they’re banged up, worn out and weary. But they’re starting to remind me of the elite runners in the Boston Marathon, holding the first positions as they set the pace all the way to Heartbreak Hill and then being overtaken in the final stretch.

Breathe Lee, breathe. It’s not over - not yet. I remember 2004. Heck, I remember just a few weeks ago. Much more importantly, so does every single member of the Red Sox!

Breathing now...


Nana Fi said...

I am so irritated that I did not try a corn dog when we were in the States. We have a delicious one here, it is baked in the most delicious pastry and in the middle is a cheeser hot dog - heart attack stuff but delicious. When we were in Boston we watched a game on the big screen and it was Red Sox fever (2000) very exciting game it is too. I am holding thumbs that they win. Fiona

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fiona -
Your hot dog description sounds quite elegant and yummy - heart attacks notwithstanding!
Ahhh yes, 2000. That was before our beloved Red Sox "reversed the curse" and won the World Series in 2004!
I think it's so cool that you were in this neck of the woods and actually saw a Red Sox game on TV!
Thanks so much for the good wishes. Perhaps good luck being wished from around the globe is just what they need to turn the tide!!!
- Lee