Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Generous Journal

I was wandering around BlogLand the other day and followed a link which led me to a cool website called Photojojo. They claim they “find the most kick-ass photo tips, DIY projects, and gear and bring them to you” via a twice weekly newsletter. One of those cool things was a video of a gal making journals using photographs and scrap paper.

This is cool for many reasons. Here are five:
1. It’s simple.
2. It’s full of potential.
3. It’s clever.
4. It’s well done.
5. It’s generous.

I think the generosity is what really moved me to post. Judy Lee of the bookmaking company “Five and a Half” makes and sells these journals. Yet there she is, sending this clear video tutorial out into the world for all of us to learn how to create something so lovely. Now if you’re not the crafty type and this doesn’t start you jonesing for your paper cutter and glue, head over to Five and a Half to purchase an even more deluxe one directly from Judy. That would also be cool.

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