Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Of Apple & Appleseed

Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman grew up in Central Massachusetts. He is credited with spreading apple trees more widely from New England to the midwest. Quite a legend has grown up around him, but apparently he did nurture and sell apple trees, which did take hold around the country. He had a simple, useful and satisfying product which he marketed creatively to great success.

I got to thinking about Johnny Appleseed as the apples are ripening on the trees around here. I also thought about him because Apple has recently opened a store to our west in Holyoke, Masachusetts and they are about to open another one to our east in Natick, Massachusetts. Yay and hooray! I know some of you feel that the seemingly ubiquitous little “i”-this and little “i”-that are somehow a bad thing, akin to “Mc”-this and “Mc”-that, but really they’re not. Apple has created simple, useful and satisfying products which they have marketed creatively to great success.

Really. It’s O.K. Try an Apple. You know you want to take a bite.
Oops! Scratch that! Totally different story!
Now if we could just get IKEA to open a store in western Massachusetts...


purpleronnie said...

Hey Lee! Sorry I have been such a stranger - life has been truly hectic! Just want to say thanks soooo much for my birthday card - it was sooo sweet and I really appreciate the thought!! Hope you and Chuck are well. Lots of hugs

solomon said...


You know Johnny Chapman was from Leominster. Johnny Appleseed School is there. I have the privilege of teaching at the high school. Great down to earth community.

Bruce R. Dean

Pink Granite said...

Hey Ronnie -
Hope you are feeling better every day and that your birthday celebration was everything you hoped it would be!
So happy you liked the card!
- Lee

Hey Bruce -
Thanks for stopping by! I did know he was from Leominster, but I didn't know you teach at the high school. Their art and academic community are all the richer for your presence there!
- Lee
P.S. I'm adding your Explore & Discover site to my "Interesting Locations" links list.

George Geder said...

Hi Lee,

Now you've done it.
Made me homesick for some upstate NY apples. They're not the same in New Mexico.

Paprika Plains!

Ok, time for my nap.

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hey George -
Sorry about bringing on a wave of homesickness for a crisp, juicy NY apple!
Thanks for (what for me was) a somewhat cryptic "Paprika Plains" reference. I first thought it was an heirloom apple. But a Google search brought up Joni Mitchell's song of the same name. Duh! And me a Joni Mitchell fan!
I think I need some rest!
- Lee