Friday, September 28, 2007


Today, a front rolled through clearing the air, stirring up the autumn breezes. In the dooryard, there is a last summery profusion of these tiny white flowers, noisy with bees doing what bees do. But if the morning is very cold and crisp and the light just right, it can look as if a snow squall blew up overnight!

Late this afternoon, Chuck and I found touches of fall along our walk through the school grounds. It all looks so still and serene, but the air was filled with notes from a marching band, coaches’ whistles and kids cheering in the distance - our own “Friday Night Lights”.

: : Red Sox UPDATE 11:00 p.m.:
The Boston Red Sox are the American League East Division Champions!!!
So good, so good so good!!!


Nana Fi said...

Looks like my good wishes helped Lee!!!! Love the photos of the start to your fall. Keep them coming. Fiona

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Fiona!
I'm certain your good wishes contributed to their holding on and winning the Division! We'll be calling on you again as they advance in the post season!
I thought of you and DancingMorganMouse as I took the fall photos. I'll keep snapping!
- Lee

Roo said...

Hey Lee - I like the autumn too, and did you know "fall" is so much easier to spell.

3 times I had to check I had autumn spelt right! hey ho

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
I'll add you to my list of "fall" photo folks!
I am concerned that the dry weather is going to lead to a less vibrant show this season, but I'll keep my eyes open and camera at the ready.
- Lee