Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yup. It left me speechless too.
I ate a corn dog - once. It was many years ago.
I grew up eating hot dogs and hamburgers. My grandmother Gagee would boil up Saugys and serve them in New England style rolls, along with a cup of clam chowder. Gagee also made a homemade mustard for Gramps, which I spurned in favor of Gulden’s Spicy Brown. (I’d give a fairly important body part to have another chance to try her mustard and see if my taste buds have matured in the intervening decades.)

So the concept of a corn dog was quite interesting to me. You take a hot dog, skewer it with a stick, dip it in corn meal batter and deep fry it. Perfectly reasonable state fair fare. Unfortunately, the one I tried, many years ago at the Big E, was enrobed in a sweet batter. It was like eating a crispy corn muffin someone had dropped a beef frankfurter into! So on Monday, this sight was strictly a jaw dropping photo-op!


RC said...

if they think that faux-corn dog on top of the building is going to encourage people to eat corn dogs, then they must be CRAZY.

purpleronnie said...


dancingmorganmouse said...

They sell those at shows down her, they call them Dagwood Dogs. I've never actually tried one,they look revolting, but my husband gets one, whenever he goes to the show - cast iron tum that bloke.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I can't help myself...that REALLY doesn't look like a corn dog. It looks like that plastic poo you'd get at a joke shop (Points for me for possibly being the first to use the word poo on your blog).

Now, if they did something like that for an RI wiener joint, I would be ok with that! Although, there's gotta be a "giant wiener" joke in there somewhere...

sorry, I think I woke up on the gutter side of the bed this morning.- KRL

Pink Granite said...

Hi RC -
I think you're right. And if you look closely at the giant corn dog in question, it appears that the paint is peeling!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
- Lee

Hi Ronnie -
Well said!!!
- Lee

Hi DMM -
Up here a Dagwood is a towering kind of multi-layered sandwich! With your husband's cast iron stomach, he'd be OK to order one of those as well!
- Lee

Ahhh KRL -
The voice of sweet reason!
I bet you shouted: "The Emperor has no clothes!" too!
It does look like poo on a stick!
You get all the points for the first "poo"! Actually I believe you've scored a hat trick in that you were the first person to request a specific topic for me to post about. And you were the first person to have a "guest photo" posted by me! You're such a trend setter!!!

I have to agree that any of the wonderful NY System wiener joints in Rhode Island could build almost any fiberglass monstrosity and it would be cool with me too! I mean after all RI has the giant termite as a landmark!

As for all the wiener jokes, before I uploaded this photo and post, I used the backspace/delete keys A LOT!!!!

Thanks for telling it like it is!
- A.L.

Roo said...

Ok - it looks like a turd on a stick

- In a large grand and sweeping generalisation, is there nothing that you guys won't coat, batter, fry or kill?

Tonya said...

love the photo.

you must dip the corn dog in mustard. it is a great contrast to the sweet. I have no trouble with eating corn dogs but then again I am not know for having a healthy diet.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
In an equally sweeping response:
Kill? Yes, there are limits.
But coat, batter or fry?
Ummmm.... Nope!!!
- Lee

Hi Tonya -
Well I wish I had your advice the other day at the fair! I would have given them another try - but probably at a different stand!
- Lee