Monday, September 10, 2007

He Didn’t Laugh!

Well, not much! Pete the plumber arrived and he did acknowledge that our jury-rigged gizmo had worked really well. (Insert little happy dance here.) Pete, who really, truly loves his work, did some digging, hammering, chiseling, sawz-alling and diamond blade grinding. He “measured twice and cut once” the proper length of PVC pipe. He then attached these job specific gasket/bootie things on each end of the PVC. Then Pete climbed in the hole and snugged each of the gasket/bootie things onto the remaining ends of the original clay pipe. Some tweaking and tightening followed and Ta-Da! Much flushing and running of water ensued, all of which was smoothly transported from house to septic system, with nary a drip. (Insert extended happy dance here.)

Here’s a photo of Pete’s handiwork:

(Carry on with exuberant happy dance!)


Anonymous said...

I think yours was way more creative!

Pink Granite said...

Hey Kat -
Don't tell Pete the plumber, but I have to agree!
But no longer needing to run out and look in the hole to make sure the repair is holding is a definite plus!!!
- Lee

dancingmorganmouse said...

Happy dance from this side of the equator too!

Anonymous said...

hey i may need to borrow you when al and i move in to our house..we both are not "handy men" xxoo carrie

Pink Granite said...

Thanks for participating in the worldwide happy dance DMM!
- Lee

Hi Carrie -
You've got our number... ;o)
But the best part about buying a modern, move in ready house is that hopefully you won't need to have plumbers and other repairmen on speed dial!
Good luck!
- A.L.