Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bob, Brooms & The Big E

It’s the most basic sort of tool. We grab one to tidy up a bit or to sweep out every nook and cranny as part of a big seasonal cleaning. Robert Aborn is a really nice guy, with an unusual job. He makes traditional brooms and brushes. He makes them by hand and he does it beautifully. We first met Bob many years ago at the Big E. He sets up in Storrowton Village, a little 19th century oasis amid the technicolor frenzy of the large exposition grounds and works on his brooms. He answers any and all questions about his craft from technique to materials to history and he does it all with a smile. One traditional broom style makes me think of a very popular young literary character named Harry, but you’ll have to see for yourself. Check out Bob’s website and be sure to click on and visit his Broom and Brush Shop.

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Anonymous said...

Boy am I glad I have Hoover!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Karen -
Bob Aborn does make a mean broom and they look pretty hanging on the wall between uses.
But bless his heart, I still love my Miele canister vacuum!
- Lee

Bob Aborn said...

Hey... Thanks for the kind words! A broom shop in Seward, Nebraska closed because of the Hoover Vacuum.Think they should have held out!! Bob Aborn