Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Thoughts In My Head

: : One of my documents in Pages (living in iWork '09) has suddenly hiccupped, won't open and is sending me an error message: "required index.xml file is missing". I'm trying not to panic.

: : I love the opening part of the Amstel Light beer advertisement, when the old man calls out "Ladies and gentlemen, let's begin!" - in Dutch. (See it here) But despite having a pretty good ear, no matter how hard I try, I cannot repeat his call accurately. I've even tried using an online translator but I get something which doesn't scan quite right: "De dames en de heren beginnen!"

: : Using a tripod with my little Canon PowerShot S2 IS always feels like too big a production. I'm thinking a monopod would be better and easier. Suggestions?

: : Any Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees game is exciting. But this home stand has been amazing!

UPDATE: The Red Sox swept the Yankees! And Jacoby Ellsbury STOLE HOME! Andy Pettitte was pitching, Jorge Posada was catching and Jacoby dove in head first and freakin' stole home! Very rare (first time in ten years for the Red Sox - maybe fifteen years for a straight steal) and extra sweet that it happened against the Evil Empire! So Good!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Go for the monopod. They're very portable - and you can tilt them for those creative shots.

Gosh, Derek Jeter may be a distant cousin and he plays for the 'Evil Empire'? That's a bold statement. LOL

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Wendy said...

well all I can help you with is hearty congratulations on the game and when you speak in dutch its a matter of gruffing your voice up a bit . hardening those r's and g's.
Daa mes en de her(hard)en be ggg(like you are clearing your throat)innen.

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
Thanks for the vote for the monopod!
It's funny, I have wondered if Derek Jeter was related to you, based on the various spellings of your family name. Have no fear, we both like Mr. Jeter, we just hate the uniform he wears. If he ever came over to the side of the angels, i.e. the Boston Red Sox, we would welcome him!
- Lee

Hi Wendy -
Thanks for the congratulations and the linguistic advice!
I'll keep working on it!
- Lee

Sue said...

Great to hear that the Redsox won, sure that was a weekend highlight for you!

I'm also thinking of getting a monopod, by the way, way easier to pack and get around with then my tripod.

I had a giggle at you trying the Dutch out. Our second language, growing up, was Afrikaans, which is really similar to Dutch. Good luck with getting it right. Rolling 'R's and flemmy 'G's...

Roo said...

Go for the monopod - remember for ages I kept banging on about not taking a tripod with me, I take the 'pod everywhere!

Oh and hi - catching up with everyone... I'll explain my absence in today's post ;o)