Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our front lawn the day before we flew to Seattle.
I’ll snap some springier photos tomorrow...

Here we are at Wednesday, April 8th, a full week after our returning home, and I still feel all at sixes and sevens. Sheesh! I thought for sure that Monday would dawn and my calendar addled brain would miraculously reset and I would stop asking “What day is it?” No dice. I also thought I had caught up with all the laundry from the trip. Then the boxes we shipped from Washington arrived. Chuck and I had packed up some of his Mom and Dad’s family mementos and household items. To get them home safely we used our clothes (both clean and destined for the laundry) to carefully wrap up each item. It worked well, except now my laundry room is overflowing again.

Sheesh again! Did I just tip over into full blown whining? I did didn’t I? So sorry. But as long as I’ve started...

Just kidding!

On the up side: We do have crocuses (croci?) pushing up through long cold soil. Even daffodils with their deep, dark, green leaves and heavy buds tinged with yellow, are insisting on braving the still chilly spring weather to mass on the border of the driveway. In the past week, a fuzzy haze of green has begun to overtake the scraggly, winter brown and wildly mole tunneled front lawn (as evidenced above). We’ve seen gorgeous red robins and heard spring peepers at stunning, attention grabbing volume.

So really, why should I give a hoot that my laundry baskets are full to bursting? We're home.


Sue said...

Exactly!! The laundry's not going anywhere! Looking forward to more springy photos

Sue x

dancingmorganmouse said...

Your spring fever is my Autumn joy :)

Anonymous said...

Yes... you're home. It's the holidays and you have crocusseses - that is the technical term ;0)

Lotsa luv xx

ps - WVG (Word Verification Game) = powsies!

Roo said...

Spring has sprung here too, and it's great ;o)

Good to see you back