Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Survey & Free Digi-Kit

Jessica Sprague, digital scrapbooking teacher extraordinaire, is conducting a digital scrapbooking survey. Whether you can work in Photoshop Elements or Creative Suite with your eyes closed or you have barely put your toe in the digital scrapbooking water, Jessica wants to hear from you.

If you go and answer a 21 question survey, at the end you can download a FREE Digital Scrapbooking Mini-Kit (image above). Which feels more substantial than the term “mini” implies!

You can click here to take the survey. Then download your kit and start having some digi-scrap fun!


Anonymous said...

Hiya! Thanks for the link-up! I really appreciate it!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Jessica -
Happy to spread the word!
The more folks who respond to the survey, the better able you'll be to understand exactly what we're craving in the digital scrapbooking world!
- Lee