Friday, April 17, 2009

The Early Bird

Alongside our driveway there is a wonderful mass of daffodils, all yellow on yellow. Every year the green leaves push up all at once and later - much later for the impatient among us - the yellow buds unfurl in unison. This year we have an early bird.

And because there has been some discussion of floral versions of fried eggs over on Morgan’s blog, I just had to upload the photo below. (Does that mean the early bird laid an egg? Sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

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dancingmorganmouse said...

Eggs on stalks!

Anonymous said...

You girls and your fried eggs...!
Lovely pics... hmmm i'm off to fry an egg... don't say that I'm not an advertiser's dream.. ;o)

Sue said...

I love the fried eggs!! Heehee, funny. Especially since I wasn't part of the debate. These have to win though!

I love daffs, but gave Jake the choice of which bulbs to plant for next spring and he picked light blue Dutch Irises and Bright Pink Freesias. Should be pretty anyway and after these photos, I might just go back and get some daffs anyway!!