Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Spring

Sorry I didn't get around to posting these photos yesterday. I snapped them in the morning, but I came home with a slight headache which turned into a splitter and that finished me off for the night. No worries, today I am fine.

The top photo shows the gradual re-greening of the front lawn. I find it a very happy contrast to what I posted the other day! The middle photo shows some spring bulbs, which I’m pretty sure are daffodils, sprouting up under an arm of the lilacs. All our lilacs took a beating in the ice storm last December, but we’re hopeful they’ll muscle their way back. The bottom photo is one of the volunteer crocuses/croci/crocusseses (thank you Veronica!). I don’t know how it happens. Perhaps the gray squirrels are involved or maybe the garden fairies. But every year, a new crocus or two emerges where we never planted them and never saw them before. Very cool, very pretty and most welcome.

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dancingmorganmouse said...

Free flowers, magical!