Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greater Than 98.6F/37C

Perhaps what I have been describing as my “calendar addled brain” is really just a severe case of spring fever. I like that better than any other explanation I’ve come up with. “Spring fever” has a cheery and mercifully recoverable ring to it! And how long can spring fever last? No later than the first day of summer, which is just a mere 68 days away, right?


Actually, we have continued to keep busy ever since we returned home two weeks ago. Little details keep popping up regarding Chuck’s Dad. Happily, Chuck and his sister get along very well (Chuck has said that even if Carol weren’t his sister he would want her as his friend.) and all details are soon sorted out and put to rights. Chuck managed to track down a woman that his Dad had served with in UNRRA (the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) at the end of World War II. They had kept in touch over the years and we knew she would want to know about Dad’s passing. Turns out she is 98, sharp as a tack and still lives on her own at her farm in the upper midwest. May some of this good health and longevity rub off on us all!

We’ve made two trips to Rhode Island, including Easter Sunday at Carrie and Al’s home. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and also included a valiant effort to keep up with three different sporting events being televised that afternoon - none of which had the desired outcome! (What’s happening with my beloved Boston Red Sox this season?) And the yummy Easter dinner leftovers are continuing to keep us well fed - thank you Al, Carrie and Joan!

We’ve also been taking advantage of the nicer weather and getting out in the genuine, honest to goodness sunshine for our walks over at the track. So other than feeling more disorganized than I would like, this spring fever thing’s not so bad.


Sue said...

I love springtime! It's a season full of promise. Actually, I like autumn too. I am not a winter soul, so the thought of still having to wait 68 days for it to arrive and then still sit through 3 months of miserable weather before spring arrives, is not a pleasant one!

Looking forward to seeing some more photos!!!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

Spring fever you say!!! Sounds very frisky! Hehehehe!

Kate said...

Ok- The Red Sox have me already in true Red Sox fan form: panicking. Their starting pitching (except for Beckett who is now suspended anyway) looks like little league and they are hitting at or the Mendoza line as a team. They are 2 and 6!?!? I cannot handle a full season of jokes from Al- he already texted me a photo from the paper of the AL East Standings with the message "A$$#$%@ sox in last place where they belong."

Granted I did previously send him a photo of myself giving the middle finger and saying "good luck to the yanks this season." so all's fair I guess.... Gotta love the rivalry!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Spring is great, but Autumn his absolutely my favorite season. Summer is my least favorite. So apparently we will both be riding out the tough seasons together!

You know as I was typing last night, I thought I have to get out snap some more pictures. Thank you for the reminder!
- Lee

Hi Ronnie -
I shall not kiss and tell!
- Lee

Hi Kate -
You two crack me up!
When the Yankees lost on Sunday, we respectfully expressed our sympathies to our host Al. It seemed the right thing to do! When Carrie heard the results she cheered. Suddenly we were smack dab in the middle of a family thing!

The Sox are already having me think about "next season" - oh no!!!
While Beckett is suspended, he is appealing and I hope to heck he wins. I honestly think it was just a wild pitch. Frankly the "bench clearing discussion" was pretty funny - especially when the bull pen jogged out as well!
- A.L.