Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night - But No Lights

We got hooked on Friday Night Lights when it first launched three seasons ago. (I could listen to the haunting music over the opening credits in a permanent loop!) While we were away in Washington, we missed some episodes. We just caught up with the early March episodes we had stored on our DVR from before our trip. So we headed to the NBC website where we can watch the episodes we missed. But instead of watching the episodes on a laptop, we wanted to hook our laptop up to our television and stream the online video through to it. No dice. We think we are lacking one converter gizmo thingy. Hopefully, a trip to Radio Shack will provide the missing whatnot and solve the problem.

We’ve looked at AppleTV in the Apple stores on a couple of occasions. But it seems as if that is designed to handle just rentals and purchased videos. There must be a “workaround” to stream internet content through the box. But if we can just plug our laptop into the television and stream away, that would be much more affordable.

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