Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth!

Well, the Earth is probably not all that happy even though this is the 39th annual Earth Day. It’s sort of like moms are certainly happy to hear from their kids, but not just on Mother’s Day. They’d like to be remembered and appreciated all year round!

Morgan suggested we “Do something nice for the planet today.” Then she posed the question: “What did you do?

On this Earth Day Chuck and I continued to:
- Compost our kitchen scraps
- Recycle all our recyclables
- Use fabric instead of paper napkins
- Light our home with mostly compact fluorescent bulbs
- Shop with reusable fabric bags
- Combine errands whenever we use the car

What will you be doing tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Yesterday we kept all our lights heaters and aircons off and switched off all the electrical appliances we weren't using. That is quite big considering we run a business from home - but yesterday was a public holiday for us, so it was easy enough to do. I also voted for a woman who has the future of our planet as one of her primary concerns!
Ron x

Wendy said...

I recyled as usual, I also use those horrid bulbs but I hate the light they give but hey ho.
No heating today but it was warm and I am very good with my lights always.
I also drive a weeny car with excellant carbon emissions.
Oh yes I potty trained lily so I am no longer filling landfills with her nappies and IF I ever have another teeny weeny baby I will use cloth nappies

dancingmorganmouse said...

I lovingly tended beans. I'm sure that counts.