Friday, April 3, 2009


The Monday we interred Chuck’s Dad’s remains, eight of us went back to the same American seafood restaurant we had gone to with Dad after Mom passed away ten years ago. It seemed fitting to keep walking in his footprints. After a nice lunch, tired, we all went our separate ways. Chuck and I went back to the hotel and napped, a mixture of sadness and pride washing over us. Later, we needed to eat dinner somewhere. Neither of us could imagine facing the bright electric cheerfulness of Red Robin nor did we want to just grab a salad to go and eat it in our room. Then we remembered Orexi, a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant in Bellevue. We had been there a couple of times for lunch with Chuck’s sister Carol on previous visits and it was always pleasant and low key.

We arrived past seven to find easy off street parking. Other than a large party of perhaps ten people at one long table, there were just a few other diners. We were seated immediately in one of the comfortable booths. The lighting was soft, the music the same; both were soothing. The service was perfect, attentive without being intrusive; neither too fast nor too slow. I ordered the Moussaka, Chuck ordered one of the sampler plates. We both started with a cup of Avgolemono soup which was not too lemony-tart and had a smooth consistency. When our entrees arrived they were delicious. If my parents had been Greek, it would have been “just like Mom used to make”!

Throughout the meal, we felt completely taken care of - so much so that Chuck (ever the one to share) decided to tell the waitress about our day and our reason for being there. She was very sweet and once she realized Chuck’s Dad had lived such a long and happy life, she relaxed and enjoyed the story. We thanked her for taking such excellent care of us. A few minutes later she appeared with plate of warm and decadent Galaktoboureko, with two forks and told us it was courtesy of the restaurant. She said they appreciated our coming to them at such a special time.

More tears came unbidden. This time they flowed from being touched by such lovely, thoughtful kindness.


Sue said...

How sweet!! It's so rare in today's world that people genuinely care about others (and show it), that this is so special! I'm glad that you and Chuck managed to have a good trip, despite the saddness of it all. Glad to have you home!!

Sue x

Pink Granite said...

Thank you Sue!
It was such a kind gesture, so sweet.
All in all it was a challenging but a great trip.

Anonymous said...

proof there are still genuine people out there carrie

barbie2be said...

what a nice experience. i love greek food!