Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Opposites Attract - Like Moths To A Flame

I know I have a blog, but I am actually a very private person. I used to be excruciatingly shy, but I’ve learned to overcome it in most (most) situations. My husband Chuck (Wonder Hubby/BFF/Hero) is exceptionally outgoing and at ease in nearly any social situation. It’s not so much a case of opposites attracting, as it is we complement each other. We have an enormous amount in common (most happily, a shared sense of humor) and really only one taboo topic - taxes, of all things.

But Chuck has one less than charming, occasionally startling reflex, which comes smack dab up against my preference for privacy. He has described it as “Self-Disclosure Tourette’s”! We mean no disrespect to folks who suffer from the actual Tourette’s Syndrome, but there’s no other way to capture the nearly uncontrollable reflex Chuck has to share! Sometimes I can see or, more accurately, sense it coming on - kind of like how animals know when earthquakes are coming. If I’m within nudging distance, I can often give him a little warning signal. But occasionally I find myself flailing about like The Robot on television’s Lost In Space: “Danger! Danger Will Robinson!!!” Sometimes not even frantic robot waving or an elbow to the ribs can halt Chuck’s progress and my subsequent desire for the earth to swallow me up, as the embarrassing personal tidbit tumbles from his lips!

Ironically, I have managed to embarrass him only once - and I wasn’t even trying. It was silly. It was ages ago, long before we were married. We were driving around Harvard Square in Cambridge one evening, Chuck at the wheel. For some reason (which made perfect, logical sense at the time) I pretended to be a moth clinging onto the passenger window. We were driving by folks crowded onto sidewalks and at crosswalks, but I swear no one even noticed me! Chuck was somewhere between mortified and appalled. I still don’t know what it was about my moth imitation that left him aghast. And I have to admit it took me awhile to stop doing it. His response was just so much fun.

Uh oh...

Maybe my throat clearing, high-signing and shin kicking contributes to Chuck’s “Self-Disclosure Tourette’s”. Does this mean I should develop nerves of steel? Or maybe I need to fight fire with fire? I believe I’m beginning to feel the need to channel a moth...


Sue said...

Ha-ha-ha - that's so funny! I think that the perfect relationship is one where two people compliment one another and make up for one another's failings, which in turn makes the couple an enjoyable pair to be with. Opposites do attract, to a certain degree. And, I think, good sense of humour is a sure way to make a success out of a marriage...

Also, a very happy birthday to Pink Granite!! I am one of the silent "popper-inners" (found your blog through my wonderful friend, Veronica aka Ronnie aka Purple Ronnie). I always enjoy your writing so much and will continue popping by. Promise to make myself "seen" more often!

Take Care!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Teehee, this is exactly me & Mr Brown. He is social, outgoing, talk to anyone. I'm the one standing in a corner blushing, refusing to talk to "strangers". Thank goodness he came along and made me talk to people - some of them are actually quite nice.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
I have to agree about the importance of a very good, shared sense of humor. It helps smooth over many a bumpy patch!

Thanks so much for being a regular "popper-inner"! I'm so happy you enjoy the blog. And I really appreciate your removing your "cloak of invisibility" a la Harry Potter, to leave a comment!

Ronnie has been a delight to count among my circle of blog-friends and I love that members of her circle of real life friends have visited here!
Many thanks,
- Lee

Hi DMM -
Isn't it funny that of the four of us, it's the two "shy girls" that have blogs!
Although come to think of it, that's probably best.
I can only imagine if Chuck let his "Self-Disclosure Tourette's" loose on a blog and then hit publish!!!
- Lee

tonya said...

i get the prize in our house for the most disclosure. it has driven my boys crazy all of their life. they've not noticed yet but they seem to have inherited the trait too but don't tell them that, they would be crushed. b just thinks i go around randomly telling every private family moment.

another thing about our household that b thinks is so funny and that's how long both me and sky can go on about moisturizer and hair conditioner. sky is so metro-sexual.

Sue said...

I think it was Ronnie who got a whole bunch of us involved in blogging! She's a wonderful friend and we're all really lucky to have her around!! Blogging's a super way for us to share what's happening in our daily lives with our close friends, who we don't see as often as we should. And, of course to meet new blogging buddies...

purpleronnie said...

Stop you guys!!!! I am blushing! So glad you have found one another. Susie, PG is one of my very favourite blogs - i can't let a day go by without checking in! I do sympathise with your plight Lee - as you I am sure have gathered from some of my posts - Steven has the same problem. At least now I can finally diagnose him! SDT! I am more the pretending to be a moth crazy type of character so to me that was the funniest thing ever!!! I think now I feel a moth-channelling coming on!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Tonya -
Well that makes you the more logical person to be a blogger. But perhaps potentially risky to friends and family?!?!
You, Sky and the hair products fits in with his movie!
- Lee

Hey Sue -
That's pretty much the same reason I started blogging. And it has become a very positive part of my life!
- Lee

Hey Ronnie -
Go right ahead and keep blushing - it's all true!
Thanks for the very kind words and for sending such nice folks my way!
It's interesting just how many couples seem to have one partner with "SDT"! Heaven help the other one!
I love that everyone seemed able to visualize the moth imitation!
- Lee