Thursday, November 8, 2007


I returned home tonight to find a happy surprise. My friend Gale, who has been faithfully reading this blog since Day One, left her first comment! (Yay Gale!) As I read the comment she left on yesterday’s post, I realized that I had never uploaded any photos of Bar Harbor, Maine. I had been so caught up in the foliage and Acadia and sunsets and the beach and the ocean ---- that I neglected the town. So these photos are for lifelong islanders Gale and Tom and for their son Bodie who is living far from Maine these days. Thank you for making M.D.I, Acadia and Bar Harbor all the more special for us!

Looking down from the top of Cadillac Mountain onto Bar Harbor, Bar Island, the Porcupines and a visiting cruise ship. (Note the Red Sox sticker on our car!) Do click on this photo to view it as a larger image.

Looking over toward the shops and restaurants on Main Street from the Town Pier.

Looking across at Sherman’s (a wonderful bookstore and so much more) on Main Street, from Cottage Street. You can catch a glimpse of Frenchman’s Bay on the left.


purpleronnie said...

Well done Gale!!!! Hope to hear a lot more from you!!!

Tonya said...

beautiful photos.