Monday, November 5, 2007

This Is Only A Test

When we were up in Maine, my sister Gail, asked me a question about the sizes of the photos I upload to Pink Granite, via Blogger. We e-mailed back and forth and she told me not to fuss with anything until we returned home. I did play around with the photos a little bit while on vacation, but not to any great degree of satisfaction.

So, using Gail’s recommendations, here are three versions of the same photo taken at Schoodic Point:

This is the full sized, full resolution image

This is the smaller dimensioned, full resolution image

This is the smaller dimensioned, lower resolution image.

I don’t see any appreciable differences in the images while viewing this page on my laptop’s monitor; nor when I click on them to view them full screen.
Thanks for the suggestions Gail. Let me know which one (if any) fits the bill! There are still more variables I can try in this controlled experiment!

: : OOOPS!!!
Updated Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So sorry about the image glitches which have apparently been here much of the day. I received my sister Gail’s comment alerting me to the problem, but on my computer all was well. It wasn’t until I cleared my cache, that I also saw two photos missing! Hopefully all is well now. As I said, this is only a test... ;o)


Gail said...

Hi, unfortunately, I couldn't open the smaller versions and I lost most of the image on the third one.

Very pretty picture by the way.

barbie2be said...

the first two pix don't load for me. :( but it is a pretty shot.

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Gail!
Thanks B2B!
I'm so glad you both liked the photo. I'm sorry about the glitch. It was, as they say, my bad. I told Blogger to do something, which is exactly what it did. But it wasn't exactly what I wanted! LOL!
Thanks for your patience and the kind words!
- Lee

Roo said...

Hey hey - Sorry I've been missing, bit if a hectic month all told.

Thanks for your kind words, it was really sweet of you both ;o)

As for the pic, brilliant.



Roo said...

Oh and by the way - Congrats on the red whatsits winning the world thingy .

Ok I jest, as I am sure it means a lot to you, and I would hate that anyone would knock my Rugby team ....And including the fact that I haven't once posted an "In your face New Zealand and Australia" comment - as that would be plain mean... tee hee

So congrats to you all and your team x

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Thanks for the compliment and the congratulations on the Red Sox! We really do go a little bit crazy for them around here!

As for your last month or so, we're sorry you've been on such a roller coaster. Hope the good days are in the ascendancy...
- Lee