Monday, November 19, 2007

My Family Is Funny

Wait a minute. I’m not sure I phrased that correctly!

My family has an excellent sense of humor and when we get together we laugh a lot - um - and not at each other!

Our early Thanksgiving was terrific. And despite the lack of assistance from any elves, Chuck and I managed to get the house ship shape. (I tried to get our cats Abby and Cassie to strap on dust cloths and pitch in, but no luck.) We also managed to get dinner served pretty close to on time. But that was truly a group effort. My Mom (A.K.A. The Birthday Girl) tweaked my gravy. Gail ground the peppercorns with a mortar and pestle after I dropped and destroyed the pepper mill. Carrie and Kate anticipated whatever was needed next and delivered. Likewise, Phil and Al lent willing hands to every task. And everyone brought a dish to share. Through it all, we talked and laughed and laughed and talked! There was a certain amount of iPod jockeying, singing, dancing, wedding planning, reminiscing and photo sharing. The afternoon flew by impossibly fast. The only thing that could have made it better, would have been to have even more members of the far flung family gathered ‘round the table. (Get well soon Lorrie!)

Today, still no elves, but the house is mostly put to rights. Gail is safe and sound back home in Georgia. Mom was off to another well deserved birthday celebration. And I hear there were turkey sandwiches in more than one lunch bag today.

Thankful? You bet I am.

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dancingmorganmouse said...

sounds most wonderful, pity about the lack of elves though.