Saturday, November 24, 2007

That Which Shall Not Be Named

As you can tell from the title of this post I don’t even like the word m*n*p**s*. Mind you, I’m not even there yet. But as a woman approaches the half century mark, it’s definitely on the radar. So I went to look up the word m*n*p**s* in other languages. I was hoping m*n*p**s* in French would have a certain je ne sais quoi about it. No such luck. M*n*p**s* in French is m*n*p**s*. I moved on and checked out a half dozen more languages. Hungarian had an interesting translation: klimax. That holds a certain amount of promise, don’t cha think? But it turns out that in most languages m*n*p**s* sounds almost exactly like m*n*p**s*. Which brings me to the German translation: wechseljahre. Now to my ear that sounds an awful lot a like a vexing year. That’ll do. So when my doctor asks me questions about that which shall not be named, I think I’ll say: “Oh, you mean wechseljahre? I’ll let you know when I get there.” But privately, maybe I’ll think about it in Hungarian...

My research:
In Dutch: menopause
In French: menopause
In German: wechseljahre
In Hungarian: klimax
In Italian: menopausa
In Portugese: menopause
In Spanish: menopausia


Roo said...

Hey hey - it's me, attempting to get back into the swing of things!

Promise me one thing, if ever I get over to the States around this time of year, can I invite myself to a Thanksgiving Dinner, as I have never been to one, and they always sound as fantastic as yours did, real social get-togethers. It's a trick a lot of people could learn to do. I was impressed by some friends this weekend when I found out that they always make the effort to sit at table and eat together.

Moving on from that to your funny family, mine is the same (mad as a box of frogs);o)

I promise to catch up again soon, hope you and yours are good x

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo -
Glad to see you back!
The door is always open and consider it a standing invitation to Thanksgiving - whatever day we celebrate it on!
I've never thought of my family as "mad as a box of frogs" but I have a feeling they'd appreciate the description!!!
I know this has been a challenging time for you and how much you have on your plate. Take good care of yourself! We all look forward to your being fully back in the swing of things!
- Lee

Gail said...

On the VERY positive side of that which shall not be named, your new mantra is no more monthly "friend". A misnomer if ever I heard one!!!!

I have no complaints, every hot flash and night sweat was worth it not to have to endure another visit.

Pink Granite said...

Hey Gail!
You do make an excellent point!!!
I have finally tipped over into feeling ready to have that part of my life be over!
Thanks for the positive report from where you are in "that which shall not be named"!
- Lee

dancingmorganmouse said...

"The autumn of your years" is a euphemism with a rather nice ring to it :)

Pink Granite said...

Hey DMM -
Well, autumn is better than winter I suppose!!!

The problem (or most excellent thing) is that I feel very much as if I am still solidly in the summer - around the 4th of July perhaps!
- Lee