Friday, September 19, 2008


Morgan, of DancingMorganMouse, who lives in Australia, left a question in the comments section about our political process. I answered it. It’s possible (O.K. - very likely) that she asked me a question equivalent to what time it was and I told her how to build a clock! Her “delicate” response was that it was now clear as mud! Self deprecation aside, she also wrote: “I suspect the US system is more democratic / participatory, but it would fair wear me out.” Spang on Morgan!

Chuck and I have been feeling the urgency of the presidential election building, while simultaneously feeling as if we are being worn down to mere nubbins by the intensity of it all. Based on the comments, we’re not alone. There are 45 days left until the election. That induces a coincident response of “Heaven help us! 45 freakin’ more days of all this! ” and “Yikes! Just 45 short days left to achieve our goals!”

So how do we pace ourselves? I think we have to work hard (see my Wednesday post “Thinking...”) and we have to play hard. Under playing hard there has to be lots and lots of laughter. A few months ago I wrote about things which make me happy: “Laughter is one of my top three responses in any situation. I’m not a Three Stooges/pratfall/whoopie cushion kind of gal, but if there is a way to inject a little socially appropriate levity into a stressful situation I’m there!” Don’t you think that will help keep us sane over the next 45 days?

I know if you are feeling like we are, you can’t help but work hard to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden along with a functional Democratic majority in Congress. But we need to find the right balance of playfulness as well. Do whatever is necessary. Try “Pin The Tail on The Big Republican Machine” - you supply your own pictures! Think of a new rhyming or alliterative expletive every day. Most importantly, declare a Politics Free Zone or Time Out and let it all drift away. Watch a popcorn munching comedy (no not “ Dave” or “Primary Colors”!). Go for a walk. Fly a kite. Jump on a pogo stick.

Throughout it all, hang on to that attitude of gratitude.

Then come back here and remind me to do the same!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Just to take your mind off of the "McCain In the Membrane" madness:

I have nominated you for the “I Love Your Blog Award.” (See the details on my blog).

How's that?!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Roo said...

Hey hey - Just caught up...phew!

I thought for a minute you had lost your roof, I didn't realise you could pay people to wreck one ;o)

Love to you both.. 44 days to go?

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
Thank you very much! That is so cool!
I'm headed over to your blog now...
Hey, and it worked:
McCain who?
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Here in "the colonies", all things are possible - even wrecking a roof!
Actually, the roofing job was huge (it included some rebuilding of a porch roof to get a proper pitch), but the guys are wonderful. Best of all, they are nearly done!
- Lee
P.S. 43 days - - - and counting!