Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thank Heaven For Harry’s

Harry’s Restaurant on Route 9 in Westborough, Massachusetts is a classic. It has the casual, comfortable, homey feel of a diner. The waitstaff is great and the folks in the kitchen know what they’re doing. You can get breakfast, sandwiches, seafood and a whole range of dinner specials. Harry’s opens early and closes late. It’s been around since 1946 and Chuck and I have been going there together for more than two decades. Over the years we’ve enjoyed all kinds of tasty meals, but for quite a while now, our go-to comfort food at Harry’s is the Matzah Ball Soup. No it’s not what you expect to find on a menu generously graced with fried whole belly clams, bacon and sausage. But it’s delicious. The chicken broth has a rich, double-stock depth to it. The chicken is tender. And the matzah balls are perfect. Yes, perfect - firm, yet light; dense, yet tender and very flavorful. Try it, you’ll like it!

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