Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank You SiteMeter!

Here’s an excerpt from this evening’s message from SiteMeter:

Our Apologies

Dear Valued SiteMeter Customers,
As you’re no doubt aware by now, we’ve chosen to roll back our website to the previous “classic” version. 

Based on some performance issues we were experiencing along with feedback from the community it appears we have pushed our new site live prematurely.

Our intention is and has always been to offer you, our customer’s better tools and more accurate data. Obviously we fell short of this.  The first thing we need to do, moving forward, is to roll out new product releases in parallel to our current platform.  This will give everyone a chance to try out, evaluate, and comment on our new concepts.

We apologize for the botched rollout and will do our best to make sure the next time we do this it has your full support and blessing.
The SiteMeter Team

Thank you SiteMeter!

I’m impressed with how quickly SiteMeter turned things around and went back to the “classic” version I knew and loved. I have to imagine an enormous amount of work went into creating the new version and it must have been quite disappointing to hear the collective boos from the Blogosphere. Good for SiteMeter for dialing it back and responding so quickly to their customers!

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