Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! We are fortunate that today is just as sunny, dry and breezy as it was seventeen years ago. We had a small wedding, with both the ceremony and reception taking place in our home at the time. It was a sort of well organized pot luck, in that we had folks sign up and let us know what they were bringing. We supplied the corned beef and the lox from the purveyors on Water Street in Worcester. My Mom, our nieces Carrie and Kate and their parents Gail and Ron, ferried the flowers up from a rendezvous point in West Boylston. Then they served as cheerleaders and caterers as they helped us get everything set up. Gail molded the cream cheese and cut out pickles to spell out our initials on top!

There were just a couple of glitches and hiccups, including an uncle locked in our only bathroom, which required Chuck to remove the lockset from the outside! But a smiley face was drawn on a paper plate (was that you Carrie?) and hung over the opening left in the door and all was well. It was a great day. It continues to be a great marriage. We've said before that we work hard at our marriage, but it never feels like hard work. May it always be so!


Jeff said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kate said...

Hey there- Happy Anniversary- sorry we chatted on the phone and I didn't say it then- hope you had a wonderful day!-- Kate

dancingmorganmouse said...

Happy Anniversary indeed - sounds like it was a lovely, happy wedding, the very best kind.

Lailaa said...

Happy (belated) anniversary Lee & Chuck!!! May you have many more :) Hugs, xx

Roo said...

Have a great day, the pair of you ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
Thank you for your anniversary wishes!
We both appreciate your kind words.
As my family sings at the end of the Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary song:
"...and many more! Wheee!"
<);o) & <);o)>
- Lee & Chuck

purpleronnie said...

Damn! I missed it! Happy Anniversary guys! From the little bit I have come to know of you both, your relationship is an inspiration!
Lots of love

Sue said...

A few days late, I know - sorry! Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. Wishing you many more years filled with love and happiness together ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

See you soon for another special day this weekend.


Pink Granite said...

Thanks Everybody!
With all these good wishes we'll keep sailing along toward the next batch of seventeen!
<);o) & <);o)>
- Lee & Chuck

barbie2be said...

don't know where i have been but, happy anniversary!

Pink Granite said...

Thanks B2B!!!
- Lee