Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Level Headed Leadership

Barack Obama held a press conference today. I invite you to compare and contrast Senator Obama’s presence, gravitas, intelligence and his calm and deliberate manner to Senator McCain’s response to this economic situation, as well as to President George W. Bush’s speech to the nation this evening.

The differences are stark. The conclusion is clear. A McCain - Palin administration would not be four more years of Bush-Cheney-Rove; it would be much worse.


Kate said...

A very well stated opinion piece from the New York Times:

Kent said...

Hi Lee. Thanks for keeping the light on this election. Thanks also for your kind notes on Renee's and mind blog after our visit to QVC this week. As I follow the evolving financial crisis and the conduct of the two Presidential candidates, I am amazed at the stark contrast. I am just as amazed at how little this matters to so many people. John McCain has demonstrated conclusively that he simply looses it under pressure. With Sarah Palin waiting in the wings should he falter, we could be in a heap of trouble.

One of these gentlemen will be elected President in 39 days, and will be expected to provide leadership to a country with multiple critical situations in play right now (i.e. Two wars, Global warming, The energy crisis, Healthcare, our out of control deficit, etc). The other scary thing is that his own party clearly distrusts and him.

How can 44% of the country still be solidly behind him? What does this say about us? I want to say a lot more, but I guess I should go and post on my own blog. LOL

Scratching my head.


Ilva said...

You can imagine how worried we are over here in Europe, like you say, it would be even worse!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
Thank you for the link. I had not yet read the piece.
I appreciate the way the author, Roger Cohen, gave some historical perspective as he spelled out the differences between the campaigns and their respective views. It was another instance of a bright light being spilled on who the candidates are and what the election of either Obama or McCain would mean.
- A.L.

Hi Kent -
You and Renee are both welcome! It was fun to see her work her magic on QVC and to know you were behind the scenes!

I too remain amazed at the obvious differences between the candidates. With their attitudinal and personality traits such polar opposites and the gulf between them on the issues so wide, I am puzzled when some folks say they are still undecided. I hope this past week will open some voters' eyes as they think about what kind of leadership they want in the White House.

Thanks, as always for chiming in over here, as well as for your wide ranging posts over on "@issue".
- Lee

Hi Ilva -
I have found it important to be reminded that the world is paying attention to this campaign and waiting for the decision we reach as a nation on November 4th.

Historically, the US has played an important role in the world. Much of it has been for good, sadly some for ill. But over the last eight years we have behaved in a way which does no credit to the principles we were founded on. I hope that by electing Barack Obama and Joe Biden, we will be able to return to the best of our core values and move forward with decency and honor in the 21st century.
- Lee