Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tracking The Pattern

Today’s New York Times must-read cover story gives a clear, behind the scenes look at the political career of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The above-the-fold article chronicles Sarah Palin’s consistent pattern of cronyism, secrecy, punishing her critics and working her personal and religious agendas from within the government. The Times coverage ranges from her position as a member of the Wasilla, Alaska city council through her current twenty month stint as governor of that state.


cascadingwaters said...

I agree. This article was amazing, and it ought to be required reader for every voter in the US. Eye opening.

Pink Granite said...

Hi CascadingWaters -
It was an eye opener and so clearly written.
Maybe we could have it read into the Muzak at grocery stores. I visualize jaws dropping up and down the aisles!
Thank you for stopping by and commenting!
- Lee