Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lies and Language

Lately I have been feeling my anger build, as the outright lies coming from the Republican machine and their candidates for president and vice president have continued unabated. I don’t swear on this blog. I figure I have a sufficiently broad vocabulary that I don’t need to dip into my beloved George Carlin’s (God rest his soul) “seven dirty words”. I do, however, swear out loud in my home life. Some of that swearing is creative or crude or anatomically impossible or alliterative (i.e. holy Christmas crap on a crutch). Unfortunately, the expletive phrase in heaviest rotation around here is “Lying sack of @#%$” - or “Lying sacks of @#%$” in the collective. That’s what the incessesant lying of Republicans has reduced me to.

Enter Anne Lamott. Ms. Lamott is a beautifully engaging writer. Today, she combined her writing skills with her outrage and published “A Call To Arms” over on Salon. Never once did she use the phrase “Lying sacks of @#%$”. I came away from her writing renewed, revived and refreshed - still incredibly angry, but determined to make a difference.

P.S. Not that you need any further incentive, but, as a bonus, when you read Anne’s article, you can follow the link to the “Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator”. I kid you not.

psssst...Do Something!


Anonymous said...

Great post.

< rant >
I've also been watching and getting angry at it all. I can't believe that some people actually see and hear the lies and STILL SUPPORT those creeps. UGH!!! What are these people thinking?!?!

Hasn't the last 8 years been proof enough of what these people are really all about?

Oh wait, that's right - the Republicans have sold the lie that the last 8 years are actually Bill Clinton's fault and the silly people who support the Republicans actually buy that. ugh! Talk about denial.

< /rant >

Kent said...

Hi Lee. I share your frustration. It's like a bad dream that you can't wake up from. I guess we just have to continue to keep the spot light on the lies and mis-information with the hope that the American people are more intelligent than the Republicans are giving us credit for. Thanks for what you do.


Kate said...

Here is another video to give you some hope. It talks about the high numbers for democratic registration. And it tells you where to go to donate.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Anonymous -
Thank you for chiming in.
I appreciate your HTML code for < rant> < /rant >! I'm guessing you are a blogger!

I think it's important to make the distinction between individuals who are registered Republicans or vote Republican and "The Big Republican Machine" (along with its candidates) who are driving this ugly, mendacious, wrong-headed, valueless, issues-are-irrelevant campaign. This campaign is the culmination of the last eight years of Bush-Cheney-Rove, et al. Some of those Republican individuals are dismayed and disillusioned and thankfully are turning to Obama-Biden.
- Lee

Hi Kent -
Thanks for the generous feedback!
I agree we must keep shining a bright light on the lies and (with Anne Lamott's words in mind) continue to spread the word about the need for change via an Obama-Biden administration!

After the Republican convention I wrote that we are a nation deeply divided. I still believe that. But the number of Obama-Biden supporters and people who care deeply about this nation and The Constitution is huge and increasing.
Let's keep that number growing!
- Lee

Hi Kate -
Thank you! That video did help!
In addition to the need to keep registering new voters, we clearly need to get folks to the polls on November 4th!

All of this costs money and donating is vital - not just to the Obama-Biden campaign, but's voter registration campaign and the Democratic Party itself.

Imagine how much more President Obama will be able to accomplish with a significant majority of Democrats in Congress!!!
- A.L.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Well, as a swearer of note, I commend you your strength of character.
Mustache Warthog Palin

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM (Mustache Warthog!) -
Thanks! My restraint only extends to the blog. Besides, it's annoying to figure out which symbols to substitute for which letters of the expletive!

Let's thank our lucky stars that you had your parents and I had mine and neither of us had "them"! My husband, Moose Roadster, feels the same way!
- Stick Freedom (blech!)
- Lee