Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hard Hearted - Kind Hearted Hanna

Well, she was mostly kind!

The wedding ceremony was held indoors due to Hanna's rain. But just after Al and Carrie exchanged their vows, when the photographer was assembling the bridal party for the portraits, Hanna, bless her heart, took a breather. Soon after, the rain began again in earnest. And later in the evening, while everyone was out on the dance floor, the windows had to be lowered because the rain, blowing in nearly horizontal sheets, was making the floor too slippery!

Carrie was a stunning bride; Al a handsome groom. The ceremony was thoughtful, moving and celebratory - everything one could wish for. Kate, Carrie’s sister and Matron of Honor, had us in stitches with her toast. Mike, Al’s Best Man and friend since childhood, had us near tears with his toast and remembrance of Al’s late father.

It was such a fun group of guests - all 120 or so of us. Everyone was in high spirits. The food was delicious, the decorations charming, the music was toe-tappingly-irresistible. Chuck and I had a wonderful time. At the end of the night, voices hoarse from talking and singing; feet tired from dancing; cheeks aching from smiling; we all gathered our belongings and headed back out into the tropical storm.

After driving through torrential rain and dodging storm debris littering the roads, Chuck and I arrived home at about 2:30 a.m. today to find high winds had felled a tree on our street. We were without electricity, but not without resources. We donned the headlamps we had thrown in the car “just in case”, unloaded the car, fed the cats and headed to bed. Visions of rainbow colored disco balls danced in our heads as we fell asleep.

Thank you Al and Carrie!
We wish you good health, joy and contentment with one another, forever!


Anonymous said...

Great pics!!!!!

Thanks again for filling in as the photographer for the pre-wedding festivities.


Mother of the Bride/Gail

Kate/Matron of Honor said...

The bride looked truly stunning!

And thank you for photoshopping Phil in to the photos!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Gail/Mother of the Bride -
What a wonderful weekend - Hanna and all!

I was delighted to be included and to be able to help out with the photos!

It was great to see you!!!
- Lee

Hi Kate/Matron of Honor -
Carrie was a knockout! And frankly the whole seaside photography session looked like a behind the scenes peek at a magazine photo shoot!
Look out "Modern Bride" because you all were terrific!

We so wish Phil had been able to be with us. I had great fun turning him into a "PNG" file and including him after the fact. Hope he is up and around very soon!
- A.L.

Roo said...

You have described their day so well, I almost feel I was there!

Best of luck to them both ;o)

dancingmorganmouse said...

Aren't weddings lovely? and that photo at the end, just beautiful.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
I'm glad you felt I painted a clear picture, because it really was an amazing day all the way around.

I know they appreciate all the good wishes flowing their way!
- Lee

Hi DMM -
When I was much younger, I attended a few odd weddings, but I have to agree most weddings are lovely.

I'm happy you liked the last photo. I want to protect everyone's privacy, but that beach shot was too beautiful for me not to figure out a way to share it here!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Again..thanks Auntie for doing such an awesome job with the them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Carrie -
It was both my honor and my pleasure!
- A.L.