Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It’s still very noisy in here. But, happily, I am making progress. From fits and starts all the way to to slowly and steadily, I am getting better at iDVD. In fact, the final version of “Celebrating Carrie & Al” is burning in the background as I type this. I’ve been simultaneously loving the process and tearing my hair out.

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to visit any blogs recently. Just as soon as I get belched out and away from the digital beast, I promise I’ll stop by!

P.S. Hi DMM - Why is your blog suddenly private? May I have a secret decoder ring? ;o)


Lailaa said...

I'm sure Al&Carrie will be very pleased with the end result!

L xx
P.S. DMM - Is your blog private now? I read it regularly, but today was greeted by a sign-in page for invited readers only? P.P.S. Apologies Lee for using your blog to ask but I 'discovered' DMM through your blog...

Pink Granite said...

Hi Lailaa -
Boy howdy I hope so! Chuck took their copy to the post office this afternoon. With any luck at all, it will be waiting for them when they return home from their honeymoon!

I'm glad to know it wasn't just me!
I'm guessing it's just a Blogger glitch --- at least I hope so!
- Lee

dancingmorganmouse said...

Lee - email me and I'll give you access, there's a bit of a "privacy" problem going on.

Lailaa - feel free to email me too, I'm happy to give regular readers access, just need to keep a few folk out.
cheers to you all

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I was hoping it was technology run amuck, not something which had become necessary.
Thank you for letting us know and providing us with a way to communicate.
I think DancingMorganMouse withdrawal would be too much to bear!
- Lee

purpleronnie said...

Hear hear! I have emailed too! Don't deprive us of those mad thoughts of yours!