Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy - Part One

This isn’t a meme, although feel free to turn it into one. I just felt like listing a few things that make me smile, feel happy and content. I decided to call it “Part One” because I enjoyed the process!

1. Sunshine. This one may seen like a “well-duh”! While I don’t suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I do notice that on sunny days I have more get up and go and feel generally more chipper.

2. Our salt lamps from this company. They cast such a warm, cozy, homey glow. I don’t buy into all the purported health claims, but they never fail to make me feel good.

3. These inexpensive Grönö lamps from IKEA. (Do you sense a theme emerging here?) When I complete a mini-hack of this, I’ll post it. Just typing that sentence should get me off the the dime to finish it!

4. Flannel Sheets. Preferably Portuguese flannel. I love slipping in between them not just in winter, but year round. Yes they really are warm in winter, cool in summer. Here’s one excellent example.

5. Laughing, laughter and making other people laugh. O.K. perhaps this is another “well-duh”, but I do take great delight in laughing with friends and family. I take special pleasure when I can make someone close to me, like Chuck, my Mom, my sisters or my nieces and nephews laugh. Laughter is one of my top three responses in any situation. I’m not a Three Stooges/pratfall/whoopie cushion kind of gal, but if there is a way to inject a little socially appropriate levity into a stressful situation I’m there!


barbie2be said...

what makes me happy?

Moo kitty's purr
the smell of coffee brewing
sunlight streaming through the window
having a great laughter session with friends
making someone else's day


Pink Granite said...

Thanks B2B!
- Lee

purpleronnie said...

i'm with you on the laughter... haven't experienced the rest but they sound great!
(oh duh, I have of course experienced sunshine and I love that too)..
thanks for giving us this opportunity to reflect on what makes us happy!

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Ronnie!
Your sun comment had me chuckling!
Good luck with the move this week!!!
- Lee