Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lights. Camera. Action!

From a distance, it looked like a couple of construction cranes outside a building. As we drove closer, it seemed to be two huge cherry pickers. But as we drove out of Lincoln Square on Highland, up past the Worcester Auditorium and the Courthouse, it was clear that the “buckets” on top of the “cranes” were really giant lights. The lights were aimed at the windows of the Courthouse. Puzzled, we crested the top of the hill and saw that the parking lot on the north side of Highland, behind the Aud, was labeled “Base Camp” and filled with trucks and trailers. That was when we realized they might be shooting a film. If we hadn’t been so tired and in a rush to get home, I would have asked Chuck to stop the car so I could snap some pictures. (Yes. I know. Bad Blogger!)

When we arrived home, I checked some of my favorite Worcestercentric blogs for some info. No luck. So I Googled and found this string of comments on a Boston based blog post. Apparently Bruce Willis is in Worcester filming for the movie “The Surrogates”. Massachusetts has been working hard to bring more film production to the state. Until recently, it seemed that much of the filming took place in or close to Boston and on the North and South Shores. It’s great to see some action in Worcester, “The Heart of the Commonwealth”.


Sue said...

Damn, now those would've been good photos to post for your blogging friends... What a pity you missed "meeting" the man in the flesh!! They use Cape Town quite a lot for movies at the moment too, it's quite exciting. Have you seen Blood Diamond? Part of that's shot in Cape Town and they shot some on the farm we used to stay on. One of my dog's grandchildren are in it too... My little claim to fame. Not.


Anonymous said...

Since films set in the future usually portray it as gloomy and dark, Worcester seems like a logical choice. :o)

I hope you will be taking a trip back to snoop and snap.


Pink Granite said...

Hey Sue -
Yes they really would have been good pix to post.
I haven't seen "Blood Diamond", but that's so cool to have connections to a film!
- Lee

Hey Gail -
Well, meowww! And I thought folks living in the sunny south were always gracious!
"Snoop & Snap" - I love it!
- Lee