Sunday, May 4, 2008

Still More...

The sun came out today; daffodil yellow pushing through steel gray haze.
Late this afternoon, a blazing red-orange disk dropped behind still stark, silhouettes of trees.


purpleronnie said...

I just LOVE daffodils. They always remind me of my mother... I make it sound like she is no longer with us.. she is! But you know what I mean!

Roo said...

This is lovely - I really liked the creeping phlox one too, although "creeping phlox" does sound like it should be a medical term ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
I love them too! And I do understand what you mean about your Mom!

I almost named this blog something with yellow daffodils. But here in the states, they are closely associated with fund raising for the American Cancer Society.
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Just having you point out how "creeping phlox" sounds is making me a little itchy!
- Lee