Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Color Muse

There’s an excellent magazine called “Digital Scrapbooking”. It’s been out for just over a year and is nicely balanced between inspiration, new products and practical tips and techniques. The June/July 2008 issue has an article in it by the talented Renee Pearson about an Adobe site called Kuler. Kuler is a collection of color themes. The themes are a bit like sets of paint chips created by individuals who post them to the site. You can register at the site and then save themes to a favorites list, create your own themes or modify an existing theme and make it your own - and much more. The Kuler themes are perfect color inspiration for digital scrapbooking layouts. But I think they are equally useful for fashion and home decorating. They’re also just plain lovely to look at, especially on a gray day!

The example above is from the Kuler site. It’s called “sandy stone beach ocean diver”. It was created by PS and is currently the most popular/highest rated theme on the site. Gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Amazing! I just picked up my first copy of 'Digital Scrapbooking' yesterday. I was killing time at a local Borders - a very dangerous thing to do, I might add.

There's a ton of stuff in this magazine. It's going to take me days to absorb it all.

I was also stopped by the Kuler article. I'm going to explore their website.

Just thought I'd share...

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
Great minds think alike!
There are always a slew of good ideas in the magazine. I've subscribed since the beginning and I think they are getting better with each issue.
I especially like the techniques (T3) section in the back - lots of transferable ideas!
- Lee