Sunday, May 11, 2008

For All The Moms

Thank you to my mother Dorothy.
Thank you to my maternal grandmother Gagee, who was truly a second Mom to me.
And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and all the Moms-to-be.
Enjoy your day!

I created this layout in 11 x 8.5 landscape form and then printed it on a card for my Mom. Layout by LMR/Pink Granite. Software: Apple iPhoto ‘08 & Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Mac. Paper: Assemblage Royale by Ursula Schneider (Scrap Girls). Brushes: Sage Brushes by Diane Miller (Scrap Girls) and Cherry Blossoms by Fee Jardin (The DigiChick). Embellishments: Winter White Embl2 Flower2 by Amanda Sok (Scrap Girls) (color adjusted by LMR/Pink Granite). Fonts: Edwardian Script ITC

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