Friday, April 6, 2007

Do You Kaboodle?

No, not canoodle! That’s an entirely different matter! I may be late to the party, but I just discovered “Kaboodle”. If you’re familiar with’s Wish Lists, Kaboodle is basically the same thing, but for anywhere you shop on the World Wide Web. It’s very handy for comparison shopping. Usually, we open multiple browser windows so we can flip back and forth between shops, but that can get cumbersome. We also use the Apple Stickies - little on-screen Post-It-Note style notes which can be edited and saved.

But with Kaboodle, once you register (it’s free), you download a button that you park on your bookmark bar. Then, whenever you see an item you want to remember, you simply click on that button and Kaboodle adds the item to your lists. It also allows you to add a note to the item. You define and customize your lists. You also can keep your lists private and viewable only by you. Just take a few minutes to edit all your lists to the “private” vs. “public” setting. Or keep them public and let the whole world know what you’re lusting after! It’s up to you!
:: Enjoy!

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