Friday, April 13, 2007

Welcome Home!

My Mom is back home, safe and sound, after her big adventure with her middle daughter Gail. Three weeks ago Mom, my sister Gail, along with Gail’s cat Chloe, drove from Rhode Island to Georgia. (Actually, Chloe didn’t drive much!) The trip was prompted by Gail’s relocation to Georgia for her job. Mom felt some understandable trepidation before the more than 1,000 mile trip. But once they arrived in Greater Atlanta, the anxiety melted away. Seeing her middle “chick” settled and happy in her new “nest” brought Mom great satisfaction. So with Gail unpacked and back to her work routine, Mom continued the adventure by flying home through a big storm yesterday. Our indefatigable, octogenarian Mother arrived a couple of hours late, but she made it!


barbie2be said...

maybe they should have let chloe do more of the driving. :)

Gail said...

this is sooooo weird, I have access to the internet but I have an appointment to sign on for May 5 very strange!!!

Pink Granite said...

Hi B2b---
I'm sure Chloe would have enjoyed a "Toonces" experience!!! But I don't think Mom and Gail would have had much fun!

Hey Gail -
We're just glad to have you back on the information superhighway and most especially visiting the Blogosphere again!

- Lee