Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Dear Readers,

I’m writing today to ask you for something. Tomorrow, my 30 year old niece and Goddaughter, Carrie, will be having a procedure done on her heart. According to her doctors, it has a 95% success rate, for which we are deeply grateful. But still, the thought of two different healing tools working inside her heart, leaves us understandably a little anxious. The procedure is expected to take between three and six hours and Carrie needs to remain awake throughout. They expect her to be able to return home on Friday.

I’m asking you to send your good wishes Carrie’s way; to hold her in your thoughts, in your heart tomorrow. If you pray, I ask you to say a prayer for her.

Carrie is my sister Gail’s eldest daughter. With Gail having just moved to Georgia, this is her first time mothering at such a great distance - not an easy thing to do. So please send a good thought Gail’s way as well.

Chuck and I will be down at the hospital in Rhode Island tomorrow, in order to be with Carrie and the rest of her cheering section/entourage of family and friends. I probably won’t be able to give an update here until Friday. Please assume that no news is good news!

I have “met” kind, warm, funny, intelligent and compassionate people throughout the blogosphere, from all around the world. That’s why I feel comfortable reaching out to you in this way.

On behalf of Carrie, thank you. And I thank you, too.

- Lee


barbie2be said...

Lee, my thoughts will be with you and with Carrie and the rest of your family tomorrow. I hope everything turns out ok.


Pink Granite said...

Thank you so very much B2b!
It means a lot to know others are out there in the universe holding a good thought for Carrie!
- Lee

Purple Ronnie said...

Hi Lee,
I can't imagine what you guys must be going through. I am so praying for you and your family - I will send some distant reiki her way too!
Please let us know how it goes.....

Gail said...

Carrie came throughc with flying colors!!!!! thanks for all the positive feedback!!!

Pink Granite said...

Thank you so much Ronnie for your prayers and good wishes!

And Gail we are thrilled for you and your brave and lovely daughter, Carrie!!!

- Lee