Monday, April 23, 2007

Quick Change

Today was sunny with not a cloud in the sky - just the moon. The temperature rose to an unseasonable 85 F (29 C - I think!). It felt as if we had leap-frogged over spring directly into summer. But the lack of green leaves on the trees belied the truth. Only the lilac bushes were showing a few tiny new leaves. I’m almost ready to say winter is really over!


Purple Ronnie said...

As your summer arrives, so ours is leaving.... Today I am cold for the first time this year. We had lovely thunderstorms (actually I get scared..) last night.

Tonya said...

i love the green but it didn't last long. maybe it will be back soon.

Roo said...

I'll take some pictures of the apple blossom from our garden and post them for you all ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hey Ronnie - when we're feeling sticky and overheated in a few months we'll think of you! Thanks for the global reminder!

It's getting a little greener each day Tonya. Hope your spring/summer settles in soon!

Roo - I'll swing by your blog to see the apple blossoms. Growing up, Chuck and I each had an apple tree in our respective backyards (half a continent apart!). They were grand!

Roo said...

Hey - all the best people had apple trees ;o) We had two, topped off with two pears trees.

I used to love picking the fruit with my father, and wrapping and storing it in his shed, in a set of old draughtsman drawers. The shed always smelled of apples