Monday, April 16, 2007

According To Webster’s

The Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts runs along the Connecticut River. It is home to many colleges including Amherst and Smith and it is known for its open minded, liberal and green attitudes. The folks who will take any job, for almost any pay, just to keep living there, call themselves Valley Rats. They love the essence of the place. We do too.

The last time Chuck and I were out in the Valley, we saw (as we usually do) automobile bumpers covered with a patchwork of stickers. When we got home we looked up a few of them. Our favorites were the ones that spell out “Peace” and “Coexist” using a variety of symbols. But I can’t figure out to type them here! So my "type-able" top pick of the day is this one:

liberal: (lib’er-al), n. One who is generous; one who favors greater freedom in political or religious matters; one free from prejudice or narrow thinking
Ant.- stingy, mean, bigoted or conservative
---- Webster’s International Dictionary

You can find it, and other interesting things, at the PeaceMonger website.

:: Red Sox Notes:

My niece Kate and her husband Phil braved the nor’easter today and went to Fenway Park. They were lucky, in that the rain stopped. They also brought the Red Sox luck!

Final Score for Marathon Monday:
Boston Red Sox 7, LA Angels 2

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