Friday, April 27, 2007

White & Yellow

Today was a low and slow kind of day. It was drizzly, cool and raw. Seemed like a perfect night to make a fish chowder for dinner. Luckily all the important ingredients were in the house so I was able to go from cutting board to pot to table in short order. Here in southern New England, “chowder” generally means some sort of fish or seafood in a milk or cream base. But it can also be tomato based or a clear broth. The milk/cream chowders can also be thick or thin. I won’t go into the regional names - that just leads to unnecessary arguments - but the three styles are sometimes shorthanded as white, red or clear. Tonight we had a white chowder made with Cod, kind of on the thick side. It was scrumptious - if I do say so myself!

I took this daffodil photo earlier this week. I thought a bit of yellow might help brighten up the day.


Purple Ronnie said...

mmmm sounds scrummy!!! love the pic too - i love a daffodil in spring - it really marks the season doesn't it!
ps very please to hear carrie seems to be doing better - please keep us updated..

barbie2be said...

that's beautiful. we had warm weather yesterday and today it was down right sizzling. i think we hit 90 today.

Roo said...

hmmmmmm chowder. Love the photo, now can I have my chowder?????

Pink Granite said...

Hey Ronnie - "Scrummy" sounds like scrumptious and yummy and it really was!

Hi B2be - 90 certainly sounds sizzling and feels a little early in the season, even for California!!!

Roo, I'm clearly not computer savvy enough yet, in that I can't figure out how to "upload" or e-mail chowder to you and Peter! ;o)

Best of all, Carrie continues to bounce back beautifully! Thanks to you all for keeping her in your hearts and in your thoughts!

- Lee