Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today brought sun, warmer temperatures, softer breezes and this delicate, determined beauty.

The omelette I made this morning with the asparagus and mushrooms leftover from Easter dinner was just right. The cod I prepared this evening in the sherry and wine sauce with panko crumbs made us both smile.

Today, I am not simply feeling grateful, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I wish you the same...


Bug said...

What a beautiful post. A reminder to cherish the little things when they go right. And thank you for your help with my Chloe bed. Velcro is such a smart idea!

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Bug!
I hope Chloe is soon cozy and happy in her new bed!
- Lee

Purple Ronnie said...

Hi there
I have recently joined the blogging world and came across your blog - it is now on my links list - what a wonderful and inspiring person you are - thank you for reminding me to look at the beautiful in the ugly
ps if you don't mind i have borrowed that thoreau quote from one of your posts and will put it on my blog as I think it is wonderful.
Cape Town, South Africa

Roo said...

Hey Lee - isn't it a good feeling when the world around you makes you smile.

Now, tell me what panko is?


Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie-
Thank you for your kind and generous words!
I'm happy you like that quote as much as I do.
Welcome to the fascinating world of the blogosphere! I hope it brings you great satisfaction!
- Lee