Sunday, April 29, 2007

Other Than That He’s a Great Guy

My niece Carrie’s boyfriend is a great guy. Al’s been a brick through Carrie’s recent medical situation. My Mom has an expression: “Just pull the shade!” It means try to block out something which is upsetting or unpleasant. For the first few years that Carrie and Al were together, I raised pulling the shade to an art form. You see Al is a New York Yankee’s fan. Maybe because he is such a nice fellow and has such excellent taste in women, I just couldn’t believe that he could be a fan of Major League Baseball’s Evil Empire! So for the longest time I simply blocked it out and spoke to him about baseball as if he were part of Red Sox Nation!

Well, I’ve finally come to accept it. Partly because Al comes by his New York loyalty by way of his late father, who was a total Yankee’s fan. I have to respect a father son thing like that. But Al also just won us over by being a prince to Carrie. And if Carrie can sit beside him and watch the Boston Red Sox play against the New York Yankees and still love the guy, well, so be it.

Today, when I called to see how Carrie was, I even went so far as to congratulate Al on the Yankees success against Boston last night. It’s O.K. Nobody is going to pull my Red Sox Nation Card. We’ve won four out of the five times we’ve played them this season and what the heck, the Yankees are in last place. Besides, Al really is a great guy!

Carrie is feeling better and stronger every single day. She will even be going back to work this week. But her colleagues have sworn to keep an eye on her and her workload, so she doesn’t overdo it. We remain so thankful that she has no residual impairment from the neurological incident and that her heart has been behaving normally! Thank you all for your caring, cheering and support. Carrie, Al and all of Team Carrie rock!

:: Go Red Sox!


Roo said...

Good to see Carrie is on the mend, and has good old fashioned family support too, as well as the international section! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yea Al! I like him too.
If they have kids someday I want to have some kind of contest to determine if their first born will be a Sox or Yanks fan. -KRL

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Roo!
I passed on your message to Carrie!

Oh KRL! I've managed to "pull the shade" on even the possibility Carrie and Al's kids could be anything other than Red Sox fans!!!

Did you hear that?
That was the loud, startling sound of a shade suddenly snapping up!!!

- Lee/Auntie Lee

Purple Ronnie said...

hehe! this is entertaining stuff although i know nothing about baseball!
but since I wish to stay on your good side lee i will say 'Go Red Sox!'
so glad our Carrie is doing well - take care babe and don't overdo it at work (tut tut)!

barbie2be said...

Carrie is lucky to have a good guy like Al on her side.

i know how it is, i was (still am) a sharks fan married to a red wings fan. what can you do? :)

Gail said...

As the mother of Carrie and anonymous KRL, I say whatever works for Carrie and Al, although if they had a son and named him Derek Jeter, I confess I would have a "tiny" problem with that.


Pink Granite said...

Thanks Ronnie for the cheer! Consider yourself part of Red Sox Nation. Not to worry - there are no dues or blood oaths required!

Hey B2b- You are so right: Carrie is lucky to have Al on her side! As for one couple being fans of two different hockey teams, that sounds potentially even more intense than baseball!

Hi Gail -
Only a "tiny" problem with your grandson being named Derek Jeter!!! I'm only the Auntie and I feel that shade snapping up already!

- Lee

barbie2be said...

lee, that would be why he is my ex-husband now... we among other things. ;(

Pink Granite said...

So sorry B2b! I hope there is a handsome Sharks fan with a heart of gold in your future!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to thank you all for your thought and prayers! I am feeling well after my procedure and with lots of rest am back to "tip top" shape. Thanks again for all the support. Also, I am glad you feel my pain with living with a yankees fan....I'll keep him though..he is a Carrie's fan too:)
Thanks to Auntie Lee, Uncle Chuck, Mom, Kate, Nana, Dad , and all my supporters out in blog land