Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Apple & A Teacher

We’ve had our Apple notebook computer for over two years now and we absolutely love it. We like the rock solid reliability and incredibly intuitive ease of use. When we first bought it, we just wanted a computer to do all the humdrum things one does with a computer. It didn’t take long before we found ourselves actually having fun with the computer and using it for increasingly interesting things!

Today we made our first trip to one of the Apple in-store “Genius Bars”. We were running into a little glitch whenever we tried to download the last track of a very long CD. We booked an appointment online using the Apple Concierge Service. All went smoothly as we have come to expect whenever we’ve had occasion to call their tech support. Charlie, the genius who helped us, was an excellent, low key teacher who was a wizard with the keys and peripherals, yet never left us in the dust. He was able to break everything down into small enough bites for us to digest. Nor did he seem the least bit dismayed that we owned the computer equivalent of a Ferrari and hardly ever got it out of second gear or looked under the hood! Who knows, maybe one of these days we’ll get it all the way into third!

:: Team Carrie Update:

Carrie’s CAT Scan was clear!
Carrie’s MRI was clear!
While she did have what her neurologist called “an incident” as a result of the heart procedure, there appear to be no long lasting problems! So it has come down to plenty of rest, tincture of time and lots of TLC! Hurray!
Thank you all, for all the good wishes!
Team Carrie Rocks!


Roo said...

This turns on it's head the idea of bringing an apple to teacher, bringing the teacher to the apple ;o)

I have managed to avoid everything apple so far, as my brain tells me they are going for world domination alongside Disney, Coke and Nestle.... don't get me started ;o)

Roo said...

ooh, and good to see Carrie is on the mend. (sorry not enough coffee yet)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo-

I spoke with Carrie first thing this morning and she sounds so relieved! She also sounded well rested after a long, long night's sleep! Thank you again for the good wishes!

As for Apple - don't get ME started! ;o)
If any computer corporation is going for world domination it's Microsoft! But fortunately Apple is fighting on the side of the angels to defeat the forces of MSFT evil - including its crashes, viruses, glitches, patches and illogical processes such as press "start" to shut down!!!

Phew! I guess I need to switch to decaf!
- Lee

Roo said...

Oh I know.. you are so right, I just find myself siding with the devil because everything starts with an "i" now. I suppose it's become something of such a generic term that just it just really bigs the hell out of me..

Pink Granite said...

Roo, I've switched to decaf and feel calmer now!

I hear your concern about all things beginning with "i". I worry that it could become like "Mc" from McDonalds is now a way to disparage things; McJob, McMansion, etc.

While we are delighted with our "conversion" to Apple, I clearly need to learn to "share the good news" more matter of factly - rather than as an agressive, proselytizing Apple thumper!!!

- Lee