Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thinking & Blue Books

When I was in college (I won’t type how long ago that was. The last time I did, it made me woozy!) a long, long time ago, my Dad and I were having a conversation. I can’t remember the topic, but my Dad truncated the talk by telling me: “You think too much.” Geez, thanks Dad.

At around the same time, I was taking a final exam in my Philosophy course with Dr. G.. I loved philosophy. I found the courses challenging, exciting, and stimulating. Dr. G. distributed the exam questions and the classic little “blue books”. My classmates and I set to work. One by one the other students handed in their blue books and drifted out the door. I continued to write relentlessly. Finally, I was the only one left in the room, but there was still time remaining on the clock. I continued filling up blue books. Dr. G. cleared his throat and said: “Lee, you can probably stop anytime. I’m sure you’ve already got an A.” I asked him to please let me finish. I really needed to get it all out on paper, because there was no way I could discuss all this at the Christmas dinner table! He let me scribble away.

Now, I no longer have any more blue books. I have a blog...

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Roo said...

I like the thought of blue books. We have Black'n'Red spiral bound books over here. I always have to have one on my desk, even though I don't use it... stationery freak that I am.

I like the idea of being told that " I think too much", if only that where true for me!