Friday, January 19, 2007

Project Linus

Today there was another tragedy in Massachusetts. One 16 year old high school student stabbed and killed a fellow 15 year old student. Two families shattered. The members of the school district shaken by the violence and the loss. I know it happens all over this country. I know a single death to senseless violence is too much. The local media covered the situation from right after it happened early this morning. It left me feeling sad and helpless.

That may be why a news report this evening about Project Linus captured my attention. Founded in 1995, it’s an all volunteer, nonprofit organization that makes handmade blankets for children, age birth to 18, who are in need. “Blanketeers” make blankets and donate them to local Project Linus Chapters, which are located in all 50 states. The blankets are then distributed to kids in hospitals, shelters or wherever the local chapter finds a need. Blankets can be quilted, fleece, knitted or crocheted. Some chapters may also be able to use new, unused yarn or fabric. Click on this Project Linus link to learn how you can make something tangible to comfort a child going through a difficult time. :: Wishing you all peace and comfort.

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